The Radio Master's Journey

Finding the right radio is a daunting task for beginners and experts alike; that's why we've created a RadioMaster roadmap to guide the way! RadioMaster is a brand formed by hobbyists. We work closely with open source developers and the community. Our passion and your needs define the products! Whatever your choice, you won't go wrong. Used by top pilots and hobbyists worldwide, RadioMaster products give them an edge in reliable, precision control.

RadioMaster T8 Lite

The novice: $39.99 

OS: RadioMaster 

Protocol: D8 

Simple, compact and highly ergonomic. The RadioMaster T8 Lite is a great way to start your journey towards mastering the hobby. Perfect for Tiny Whoops and Micro quads, the two 2-position and two 3-position switches are natively programmable via mainstream flight control software. A USB-C port allows you to home-in on those flying skills using your favorite simulator. 

With range exceeding 1km (receiver dependent), simple no longer means compromise.

RadioMaster TX12

The ace: $89.99 

OS: OpenTX/Multi-Module 

Protocols: Full CC2500 multiprotocol, with module bay expandability 

Want a full-feature radio in a comfortably compact form factor? 

Running open-sourced OpenTX and Multi-Module firmware, the TX12 is continually updatable with new features and functions. Future-proof! How many radios could claim that?  A comfortable radio that'll grow as your skills grow, isn't that great?

RadioMaster TX16S

The Master: $199.99-$219.99 

OS: OpenTX/Multi-Module 

Protocols: Full 4-in-1 multiprotocol-supports most protocols.

With module bay expandability Imagine an award-winning radio that could bind to many RC models! One radio to rule them all! 

One of the most capable radios on the market, the TX16S has all the bells and whistles you'll ever need. Endlessly upgradable in both software and hardware, this is the RadioMaster! 

*Available in New Color Selection ($219.99) and Max ($299.99) versions.

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