About RadioMaster

RadioMaster are a team of radio control model enthusiast with a long history in the RC industry. We have assembled a passionate group of engineers to develop the RadioMaster product line. Answering the calls of hobbyists around the globe. We are dedicated to the continuous evolution of our hobby and keeping open hardware standards and open source platforms affordable and accessible to everyone.



We are working in collaboration with OpenTX to ensure software compatibility and future development of the RadioMaster product line.

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A huge shout out to the DIY Multi-Module project who's continuing efforts and helpful collaboration are empowering modelers across the world.

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A special thanks to the EdgeTX team for their continuous development and pushing the boundries forward for Open-Source Radio Firwmare. We are working closley with EdgeTX for support on current and future radios.

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Thank you to the entire ExpressLRS team for your fanastic firmware support and assistance in hardware design. ExpressLRS is a fast moving project constantly breaking new ground in high speed and robust RF links.

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