From September 27th to October 1st, the world's largest Aerospace and Technology Festival, TEKNOFEST, took place in the vibrant city of Izmir, Turkey. With an impressive turnout of 4.5 million visitors, the festival featured the latest advancements in aviation technology. Notably, Craft Channel, well-known for its 3D printer training videos on YouTube, was among the distinguished participants. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Craft Channel for their presence and support during this remarkable event.

RadioMaster in 2023 TEKNOFEST

Craft Channel, known for its Craft Channel 3D printer training videos on YouTube, made a significant impact at TEKNOFEST. He shared in an interview, "We are gaining attention in 96 countries. We encourage young people to engage in engineering, showing them how to do these things and programming. We explain 3D printers. TEKNOFEST Izmir is incredibly beautiful and exciting. All our young people are interested. They come to our booth, and we show them how we do it. We are very happy and satisfied. Currently, we have a team of 15. We are a team, broadcasting from Izmir to the whole world."
RadioMaster in 2023 TEKNOFEST

Beyond showcasing their own achievements, the Craft Channel team also took the opportunity to introduce and demonstrate RadioMaster's products at TEKNOFEST. The earnest presentation of two RadioMaster TX16S Mark II Radio, along with hands-on testing and usage demonstrations, was met with appreciation from the audience.
Expressing heartfelt thanks for Craft Channel's support and affection toward RadioMaster, RadioMaster are delighted that our products were featured at TEKNOFEST 2023. This recognition and exposure have brought immense joy and pride to our team.

RadioMaster in 2023 TEKNOFEST

In closing, RadioMaster expresses its deep appreciation to Craft Channel for their invaluable support at TEKNOFEST. Moving forward, RadioMaster remains dedicated to providing innovative products that enhance the flying experience for the RC community. The endorsement and collaboration with Craft Channel serve as ongoing inspiration for us to explore new horizons, and we eagerly anticipate the exciting opportunities that the future holds.

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