2023 MultiGP Championship

The prestigious MultiGP Championship was held successfully from October 24th to 29th, 2023, at No Quarter Ranch in Florida, USA. This event gathered outstanding FPV pilots from across the globe, uniting them in the world of casual and competitive drone racing.

RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP Championship

MultiGP Championship features two distinct categories: Pro Class and Sport Class. The Sport Class competition ran from October 24th to 25th, with pilots battling their way from the D Main Bracket to the A Main Top 16. The Pro Class competition followed, taking place from October 26th to 29th, where pilots competed from the E Main Bracket to the A Main Top 16.

RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP Championship

Congratulations to our Team Pilot MinChan Kim for achieving first-place victory at the MultiGP Drone Racing 2023 Championship for the second year in a row. His dedication and flying skills are truly commendable! It was an intense series of races, and also we are thrilled to congratulate the following pilots for their outstanding performance, securing the top three positions in this year's MultiGP Championship.

RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP Championship

TOP 3 Pro Class Finals

🥇 Min Chan Kim
🥈 Ashton Gamble
🥉 Colin Rountree

RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP ChampionshipTop 3 Sport Class Finals

🥇 Jacob Bohler
🥈 Philip Chung
🥉 Tylor Fritts

RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP Championship
We were delighted to witness an increasing number of pilots using the RadioMaster TX16S Radio and RadioMaster Boxer Radio during this year's MultiGP Championship. The various custom versions of the RadioMaster TX16S Radio were not only high-performing but also aesthetically pleasing.
RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP Championship

Furthermore, we'd like to congratulate all the RadioMaster Team Pilots who achieved outstanding results at the event. This includes Min Chan Kim, Noical Fpv, Mason Lively, Silas Aaron, MinJae Kim, Ryan Lindsay Lessard, Levi Johnson, Joaquin Ybanez, Patrick White, Kyle Wentworth, Spencer Cannizzaro, Tristan Tefft, Shawn Ames. Your exceptional performances make us proud, and it was a joy to witness your spectacular displays during the live broadcast. We eagerly anticipate your continued outstanding performances in the future.RadioMaster in 2023 MultiGP ChampionshipThe 2023 MultiGP Championship was a testament to the vibrant spirit of competition, the dazzling display of skills, and the unity of the drone racing community. At RadioMaster, we are deeply honored to be part of this adventure, and our commitment to supporting the dynamic world of drone racing remains unwavering. We can't wait to see what the future holds for the incredible community of drone enthusiasts. Once again, congratulations to all the participants and champions of the 2023 MultiGP Championship!


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