Firmware Updates


Radios Update Time
Zorro-2.7.1-Release-Factory-2022-05-14 2022/05/14
Zorro SD Contents and Firmware 2022/04/18
TX16S-2.7.1-Release-Factory-2022-04-17 2022/04/17
TX16S SD Contents and Firmware 2022/04/19
TX12 Production SD 2021/01/04
TX12 Production Firmware 2021/01/04
T8 Pro SD Contents (Download V0035) 2021/04/19
TX8 Production Firmware(do not use V2 PLUS version firmware) 2021/02/23

TX12 and T8 Pro MPM AETR Download for C8 MCU

Documents Update Time
multi-CC2500-C8-A- 2021/08/27
multi-CC2500-C8-B- 2021/08/27
Readme 2021/08/27

T8 Pro Production Firmware

Documents Update Time
CC2500-aetr-noinv- 2021/04/20
T8Pro-OpenTX-2.3.11 2021/04/20