RadioMaster Team Pilots Won in 2022 MultiGP IO

Congratulation to all RadioMaster Team Pilots for their incredible performance at the 2022 MultiGP IO! Thanks to MGP team for their effort on MultiGP IO! 

7 out of the Top 8 pilots used RadioMaster TX16S Radios! Congratulation to our CHAMPION MinChan Kim, Noical_fpv, MEWO, Levi Johnson,  Jake Capobres, Soren Monroe-Anderson and all team pilots! 

We were delighted to see more and more pilots at the MIO using RadioMaster Radios this year! We really appreciate everyone’s support and we will keep working hard to bring more championship winning products and services to you all! 

RadioMaster Team Pilots

Top 8 Pilots

NO 1. MinChan Kim

NO 2. Noical Fpv


NO 4. Levi Johnson

NO 5. Jakehammer 

NO 6. Paweł Laszczak

NO 7. Soren Monroe-Anderson 

NO 8. Ashton Gamble 

Seeya Next Year!

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