Size: 286.9*128.9*183.8mm
Weight: 750g (without battery)/820g (with 2 x 18650 batteries installed)
Voltage: DC7-8.4V
Battery: 2 x 18650 (tray supplied) or 2S lipo (batteries not included)
Current: 350mah (NO CRSF)
Channel: 16ch
External Micro SD slot: Card Included
2 x External UART Expansion Ports

Touch Panel installed (Requires OpenTX/EdgeTX 2.4 Update)


• Industrial grade 4.3 inch IPS 480*272 Screen with touch
• Compatible with OpenTX
• Wheel menu button
• Full Size HALL sensor gimbals with CNC Aluminum Facia.
• Internal Multi-protocol RF System
• Native Full Speed TBS Crossfire support (400K)
• Supports Telemetry (Protocol and Receiver dependent)
• Memory 16M (can be expanded by Micro SD card)
• Voice function
• Vibration reminder function
• Improved JR module slot
• 6-Flight Mode Buttons (Pixhawk, custom functions and more!)
• Three-color LED status display
• USB-C Charging port.
• USB-C Simulator and PC connection port.
• External UART ports to expand the capabilities of your radio.
• CNC option parts and leather grips factory fitted.
• Neck Strap included


TX16S MAX Radio x 1

18650 tray x 1
 USB-C cable x 1
Neck Strap included x 1



TX16S Quick Start Guide Update time 2020/11/27
TX16S User Manual Update time 2021/01/12
TX16S User Manual ITALIAN Update time 2021/03/16
TX16S User Manual FRENCH Update time 2021/03/16
TX16S Production SD Update time 2021/01/04
TX16S Production Firmware Update time 2021/01/04


How do I change from Mode 2 to Mode 1?

Please follow the steps in the video below.

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How do I adjust gimbal ratchet and tension?

Please refer to the diagram below, provided courtesy of Oscar Liang.

You will require a 1.5mm hex key or hex driver for the gimbal spring adjustment and a small phillips head driver for the throttle friction.

Turn the screws clockwise to loosen tension and counter clockwise to make tighter.

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How to I calibrate the sticks?

Hold the SYS button and page across to the HARDWARE page.

Press the scroll wheel while the "Calibration" option is enabled and then follow the on screen propts.

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Which receivers can I use?

The RadioMaster radios equipped with multi-protocol modules are able to work with most receivers and bind & fly models available to day. The Most commonly used receivers are those compatible with Frsky, DSMX, Flysky and Futaba S-FHSS.

Different manufacturers have different processes for getting their receivers in to bind modes. Please follow the procedure outlined by the manufacturer of your particular receiver.

For a full list of supported protocols please visit the following link.

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My Radio wont charge?

Please note the TX16s has 2 USB-C ports. The Port at the top is for data and simulator use only and is not used for charging your radio. The USB-C port at the bottom of your radio is for charging only. Please connect the supplied cable to the bottom port and use a stable USB power supply rated at 1.5amps to 2.0amps for best results. The TX16s has a built in battery management system that balances the 2 cell battery you install and limits current to 1.5amps while charging for safety.

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How do I back and restore my SD card and Firmware?

Check out this easy to follow guide from Tmac FPV.

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USB HID "Joystick" not working in Windows 10?

If you are experiencing problems with using your TX16s as a game controller for flight simulators you may need fix your drivers in windows 10. Checkout the videos below to solve the problem.

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DSMX Range issue?

Many DSM receivers have what is known as "fly-by" telemetry, this is a very short range telemetry system intended to give telemetry data only at close range. The problem presents its self most noticeably in small BNF models which may have as little as 30m of telemetry range. This issue does not however effect the range of the actual RF link and the telemetry warnings may lead some pilots to think they have a range issue with the model when in fact they do not. There is a setting in OpenTX that allows for these telemetry warnings to be disabled and the topic is covered on the Multi-module website.

Disable the telemetry warnings with the check box below.

Visit the DSM page of the Multi-module website to learn more.

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Installing the update speaker kit.

An update speaker kit is available for the TX16s. Please contact your favorite RadioMaster dealer to order.

To install the speaker remove the rear case, fit the sponge in the speaker cavity shown in the picture below and use the 3 supplied screws to fit the speaker with the black side facing out.

Disconnect the front speaker from the main board as shown below and connect the rear case speaker then connect the front speaker to the second connector of the rear case speaker. Both speakers are now connected and working together.

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Trainer Port Pin Out


B. Insert Detection 


D. Null (not used)

We suggest using a MONO 3.5mm plug for best results (JR/Spectrum style Trainer Cable).

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SI and SJ adding extra Pots or 2 pos Switches

SI and SJ are assignable slots in OpenTX for an extra two 2pos switches and an extra 2 analog pots.

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